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Iridium 9575 / Extreme Language File size updated
Firmware HL18005 (ZIP) current version for hardware model IRID0215AB and IRIDN0215A. You can find your hardware model in the battery compartment on the barcode label (see here). Upgrade Tool & Release Note. 14 MB 25.04.2019
Info firmware versions (PDF) current Firmware HL15002/HL17001 en 248 KB 20.03.2018
Firmware HL15002 (ZIP) current version for model 9575 (not 9575N!)
Please note our info about the firmware versions.
13 MB 20.03.2018
Firmware HL17001 (ZIP) current version for model 9575N (not 9575!)
Please note our info about the firmware versions.
14 MB 20.03.2018
USB-Driver for Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP (ZIP) These are unofficial drivers of Iridium for Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. The drivers have been successfully tested by us under Windows 10. For a short installation guide for Windows 10, please contact us. 690 KB 01.03.2017
Broschure (PDF) en 2 MB 29.06.2015
Mini-Guide (PDF) en 2 MB 10.06.2012
User manual (PDF) en 9 MB 02.07.2013
FAQ (PDF) en 420 KB 12.04.2013
Quick Start Guide (PDF) de 6 MB 13.11.2018
Quick Start Guide (PDF) en 2 MB 05.09.2011
Direct Internet Upgrade (Win) (ZIP) 18 MB 05.10.2016
Direct Internet Upgrade (Mac) (ZIP) 25 MB 05.10.2016
Direct Internet Install Guide (PDF) en 2 MB 05.10.2016
Direct Internet User Manual (Win) (PDF) en 1 MB 05.10.2016
Direct Internet User Manual (Mac) (PDF) en 2 MB 05.10.2016

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Update-Service for Iridium 9575 / Extreme

Direct Internet User Manual (Mac)

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