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Thuraya XT-LITE Language File size updated
Multi-language firmware v1.3 (ZIP) Optional - this upgrade is not required for existing XT-LITE users. Includes LCD driver for new production batch of XT-LITE. 7 MB 11.09.2017
Firmware upgrade instructions v1.3 (PDF) en 68 KB 11.09.2017
Multi-language firmware v1.2 (ZIP) 7 MB 30.01.2017
Firmware upgrade instructions v1.2 (PDF) en 69 KB 30.01.2017
XT-LITE upgrader (ZIP) 8 MB 14.07.2016
Factsheet (PDF) en 2 MB 16.03.2016
Brochure (PDF) en 14 MB 16.03.2016
User Guide (PDF) en 5 MB 16.03.2016

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