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Questions about Inmarsat

  • Error message: Phone unable to connect to the network, contact your SP if problem persist

    To restore factory Settings
    Select Menu > Settings > Reset settings > Enter 123456 > Ok

    To Perform a GPS Fix manually
    Select Menu > GPS position > Wait for a while until you get a display showing GPS fix acquired.

    Note: On rare occasions, your phone may continue to show the GPS fix required icon, on your handset which means GPS not valid in order for register with network and this case you need leave your handset at least for 20-30 Minutes to get the new GPS fix.

    To Search for Network manually
    Select Menu > Network connectivity > Network selection > Change to manual

    Now the handset will search for the network manually and it may take 10-20 minutes and register with network.

  • Send SMS from Isatphone

    In general, we do not recommend this service. Even if the Isatphone signals to you a successfully sent SMS, it will unfortunately not arrive due to a lack of contractual agreements.

    We recommend sending text messages as emails:

    You can write an e-mail via the “Messaging”> “New Message” menu. In the case of an e-mail, an e-mail address must be entered in the address field (accessible via the up button). After composing the message, go to “Options”> “Send”.

    NOTE: the subject line will not be sent and may therefore remain blank!
    In the menu “Messaging”> “Options”> “Settings”> “Text msg. Settings”> “Use same message center”  setting “YES” is mandatory. (Default setting )

  • Prepaid call charges Inmarsat IsatPhone (GSPS)
    Inmarsat IsatPhone to ...
    fixed line:1.50 units/min
    mobile network:1.50 units/min
    Iridium Voice:12.70 units/min
    Thuraya Voice:5.80 units/min
    other satellite networks:8.00 units/min
    BGAN, FBB, SBB, GSPS:1.30 units/min
    Inmarsat M:2.90 units/min
    Inmarsat Fleet, Swift:2.90 units/min
    Inmarsat Aero:4.90 units/min
    sending a SMS:0.60 units
    receiving a SMS:free of charge
    incoming call:free of charge
  • Send SMS to a group

    Please see “Send SMS from Isatphone”.

    If you send an SMS to an existing contact group, this text message is sent to the first telephone number of the group members.

    If you want to send an SMS to several mobile numbers, make sure that the mobile numbers are in the first “Telephone” field and not in the third “Mobile phone” field.

    The naming of the field does not necessarily require a fixed or mobile number. If the SMS is sent to a landline number, it is transmitted as an electronic voice message, if supported by the addressee’s telephone provider.

  • IsatPhone free test call

    You can test the functionality of your IsatPhone Pro free of charge by calling +870 776 999 999

  • Send a FREE message to IsatPhone