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Questions about Garmin inReach

  • Does inReach send messages to email addresses?

    With the inReach Mini messages can be sent to mobile numbers, to e-mail addresses, to another inReach device as well as to the configuered Twitter account or to the MapShare website.

  • Is the Safety tariff limited to 10 SMS?

    The safety tariff includes 10 SMS messages per month and each additional SMS costs € 0.55. In the case of an expedition contract, e.g. unlimited messages are included. There is no limit to the number of messages that can be sent.

  • Is the monthly period along the calender month or 30 days from activation date?

    Period is always calculated 30 days from activation.

  • How are the weather forecasts displayed on the Garmin InReach Mini?

    The product images of a weather forecast (basic forecast):

  • Who is able to get access to the track?
    • Anyone with whom the link to their own MapShare page is shared can access it and see the route. To do this, either copy the link and send it individually, or share the link via email via the inReach account (under “Share”) or via social networks such as Twitter.
    • Under “MapShare Settings” you may save a password for protected access.
  • Where are tracks published?
    • You can see the track and all stored routes on your MapShare site. The routes are displayed on a map, all waypoints and sent / received messages.
    • To get to the page, you need to log into your inReach Explore account ( Under the tab “Social” under “MapShare” the customizable link to the MapShare page is listed, where you can see the tracks (important note:  MapShare function must be set to “ON”).
    • The most important information about MapShare is summarized again here and explained with screenshots:
      GARMIN inReach Live Tracking (PDF)
  • Who is the provider of weather forecasts?

    The weather forecast is provided by Dark Sky. The marine weather service is based on OCENS.

  • What is the difference between provided forecasts?

    Basically, the individual weather services are characterized as follows:

    • Basic forecast: includes temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction as well as details on the air pressure for three days at 6 hour intervals
    • Premium forecast: analogous to the basic forecast, only for 7 days and the first 12 hours are available in a 1 hour interval
    • Premium Forecast Marine: includes wave height, current and visibility details