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Questions about Thuraya

  • Send a FREE message to Thuraya phone
    • Create a new email message.
    • In the TO: field type
    • type the full number of the Thuraya phone (without leading zeros) that you wish to send the SMS to in the SUBJECT field
    • Write the message in the normal text space. Max 160 characters.
    • Send the message as any other email.
  • Send messages from Thuraya satellite phone to an email address

    Send SMS text message from the Thuraya phone to an email address:

    • Select Menu
      • Scroll… Select “Messages”
      • Scroll… Select “New Message” and compose your message
      • Press “Option” bottom left
      • Scroll… Select “5 Sending option” then “2 Format”
      • Select… “3 Email” OK
      • Scroll… Select “Send”
      • Type in the email address in the E-mail window E-mail
      • Select “OK”
      • Submit in next window “Email center” number: 1200
    • Press “Send”

    The Email will be sent. You’ll get a notice message in Inbox (+1200).

    Message typing advice:
    • Press 1 short for a dot (.)
    • Press * for icons like @ – etc.