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Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN, formerly also RBGAN, which stands for Regional Broadband Global Area Network) is a solution for mobile broadband internet access and telephony of the provider Inmarsat.

With a BGAN satellite modem transfer rates up to 492 kbps are possible as well as to phone with it (all data terminals have interfaces for telephones).

At the beginning the user had to adjust the modems to the Thuraya satellites, because Inmarsat uses Thuraya bandwith till the start of its own Inmarsat-4 satellites. Thuraya offers now a own solution called Thuraya-DSL

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BGAN coverage Mid of 2005 the data service was relocated to the new Inmarsatt-4 satellites. With this relocation also the more significant service BGAN was launched and the R from RBGAN was erased.

Mid of 2006 the second Inmarsat-4-satellite starts running. So beside Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East also whole America was covered.

At the 18th of august 2008 started the third Inmarsat-4 (I-4) satellite. The BGAN service will be offering in more significant way after a new positioning of the I-4 satellites (approx. 75° northern latitude to 75° southern latitude).

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The Inmarsat BGAN service is now available around the globe, delivered through a global network of three I-4 satellites. The map depicts the three I-4 satellite coverage regions.

This map depicts Inmarsat’s expectations of coverage, but does not represent a guarantee of service. The availability of service at the edge of coverage areas fluctuates depending on various conditions.

BGAN covers now 85% of the global land masses and oceans (the polar regions are shadowed), where 98% of the worlds inhabitants live.

Since the end of august 2010 the IsatPhone Pro is available for voice communication using Inmarsat. The IsatPhone Pro operates all over the world within the polar circles. The use of the telephone with prepaid isallowed in the USA since September 2012.