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Asia without Russia

Ideal coverage of Inmarsat und Thuraya. For mountains in following countries like Kazakhstan, Mongolia and northern China you’ll use Iridium. Topography does not consistently provide a clear line of sight to the Inmarsat or Thuraya satellite in every location.

Guidelines regarding use of satellite phones in India:

Please note the following carefully. The use in India of any telegraph services/devices, including wireless, is regulated by the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885. Satellite teleohone services are ordinarily not permitted in India. A case form 2014 is clearly shown this: Reality TV crew arrested over unregistered satellite phones


The use in India of any telegraph services/devices, including wireless, is regulated by the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885. Satellite teleohonv services are ordinarily not permitted in India.

As per existing guidelines issued by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of the Government of lndia, INMARSAT satellite phones, excluding BGAN systems, can be used by foreign nationals belonging to government Organizations or corporate houses, Or by memberS of mountaineering expeditions and other such categories of persons onlv with prior oermission from DoT. The only authorized provider of INMARSAT services in lndia is Tata Communications Limited, which provides such services after a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for carrying satellite phones into lndia is issued by DoT on a case by case basis. Details of the procedure for obtaining the NOC can be obtained from the DoT website – Foreign nationals wishing to carry an INMARSAT terminal into lndia should apply for an NOC to the CS Cell, DoT, Room No.1204, Sanchar Bhawan, 20 Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110 001. Intending users of satellite phone services may also please note that use of the Thuraya satellite phone service is not permitted in lndia.

It is pointed out for the benefit of travellers to India that anyone making unauthorized use of any telegraphic devices including satellite phones in India without prior permission of DoT violates Section 4 of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 and can be prosecuted under Section 20 and 21 of the said Act, as well as Section 6 of the Indian Wireless Act. Moreover, in the absence of a license from DoT, satellite phones being brought in baggage/hand baggage are liable to confiscation/detention by Indian Customs authorities. In case of import as cargo, a declaration should to be given by the person importing the goods about the details of the goods/systems being imported. All intending visitors are advised to make a declaration to Indian Customs to this effect at the first port of entry.

Satellite communication in China:

Information from March 2018. Source: Allan&Associates
While some online sources says visitors are banned from bringing satellite phones into China, advice on the Chinese Consulate in Toronto website, though dating from 2010, says they are permitted, provided licences are obtained. China’s International Press Centre gives details on the application process for media organisations.

Satellite communication in Sri Lanka:

Information from March 2018. Source: Allan&Associates
A prior license is required from Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, according to the U.S. Department of State Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC).

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