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The entire territory is fully provided by Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat satellite networks. As long as you are not traveling in the mountains, an Inmarsat or Thuraya phone is your first choice. For mountainous regions, however, we recommend Iridium, because you will be able to make emergency calls despite of difficult topography. Although calls may be interrupted. Depending on topography, you may be out of Thuraya or Inmarsat network coverage, because the line of sight to the satellite is not given.


In this region we recommend only Iridium as satellite provider.

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spitsbergen

Iridium is the first choice in this area. Up to latitude of about 66° Inmarsat and Thuraya are working. In areas out of this range the satellite position is very close to the horizon, so you have to expect discourage use in mountainous regions.

Great Britain

For the Northwest, we recommend an Iridium phone, for the South West an Inmarsat or Thuraya phone is also well suited.


To receive weather data , Thuraya phones provides the highest data rate with max. 60 kbps download. Iridium and Inmarsat only max. 2.4 kbps data rate. For entire Mediterranean Sea, North and Baltic Sea we recommend Thuraya.

Using Iridium in Poland

Despite information to the contrary the usage of Iridium based devices is possible without any restrictions since Poland’s accession to the NATO in 1999.

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