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Iridium GMDSS Service


  • 13.01.2021 Iridium GMDSS Service: Iridium has received approval for the maritime distress call system GMDSS and now offers this service via a special SIM card and tariffs. Currently, the GMDSS service can be used with Lars Thrane’s LT-3100S telephone system. Other maritime equipment like  […] read more
  • 22.07.2020 End of Life for Inmarsat IsatHub: Inmarsat has announced the End of Life for IsatHub from 1st June 2021. Inmarsat IsatHub plans will be closed for new activations from 1 September 2020.
  • 26.02.2020 Iridium GO! and Twitter: Something has changed: Twitter is no longer supported by Iridium Mail & Web. Twitter is still supported in the Iridium GO! app. more
  • 15.05.2019 Price changes for Inmarsat IsatPhone (GSPS) Prepaid: Inmarsat GSPS changes effective from 23nd July 2019: Voice to Fixed/Cellular/OnNet/VMail: 1.5 units/minute (1.3 as of 22nd July 2019) Voice to Inmarsat Fleet/Swift: 2.9 units/minute (2.5 as of 22nd July 2019) Voice to Iridium: 12.7 units/minute (11.0 as of 22nd July 2019) Voice  […] read more
  • 30.04.2019 100 minutes more in tariff plan world: From now you will get 600 instead of 500 minutes in the tariff plan world – at the same price! If you have already purchased a voucher and it is not redeemed, your top up will be 600 minutes. Iridium  […] read more
  • 11.02.2019 Thuraya is changing the rules for Thuraya Prepaid SIM cards, effective April 2019: 1. Balances expires if not minimum one top-up is performed yearly 2. The renewal fee for the validity of the SIM card will be 39 units per year instead of 10 units every 2 yers. Full description of the changes  […] read more
  • 14.11.2018 Unlimited Calling Plan Iridium-to-Iridium: Enable Unlimited Calling to your Iridium postpaid contract now. It allows you to place unlimited calls from one to another Iridium phone (handset to handset) — at a fix price of only $ 30/month*. Unlimited calling is not  […] read more
  • 11.06.2018 Facebook page offline: EU court says: The operator of a fan page on Facebook is also responsible for protecting visitors’ personal data. As we have to influence on how Facebook collects data, we have disabled our Facebook page today (11th June 2018)
  • 02.02.2018 New satellite service Iridium Certus: According to current status, the new service Iridium Certus based on Iridium NEXT will be available in May. Information on Also first devices are already announced. Information on
  • 04.01.2018 Changes to Thuraya NOVA plans: Effective 1st February 2018 Thuraya is changing the billing increment for voice calls for the Thuraya NOVA Plus SIM card. Billing increment is then 60/60 seconds instead of 20/20 seconds.