m-cramer Satellitenservices

General Terms and Conditions
for Rental Service

general terms and conditions from: Matthias Cramer, Holzhofallee 7, 64295 Darmstadt/Germany

Rental time

The rental time is the period in which the tenant the rented object would like to use. The days for the dispatch to the tenant do not count as rental time. The rental time ends, as soon as the rental person gets the rented objects back of the tenant.

Obligations and adhesion of the rental person

The rental person is obligated to hold rented objects ready for the tenant to the assumption at the agreed upon place and at the agreed upon times which are suitable duly after the guidance of the manufacturers held and for the fulfilment of the rent-contractual purpose.

After dispatching or delivery of the rented objects at the agreed upon place the tenant receives a delivery note from the rental person. In the delivery note the actually delivered rented objects are separately specified. In individual cases the delivered rented objects can deviate from the rented objects agreed upon in the rental agreement. If SIM cards belong to the rented objects, then the card numbers with current asset conditions are noted with delivery. The asset conditions of the SIM cards noted here are basis for the account of the units/minutes at the end of the rental time.

The rental person is not responsible for damage of the tenant, which results from malfunctioning or other lack of the rented objects or from delay or impossibility, unless the rental person were to blame for such a circumstance at least roughly negligently. In the case of rough negligence the claim of the tenant is limited on the height of the rents for the agreed rental time.

The rental person is not responsible for malfunctioning of the rented objects, which are caused by network malfunction or other external influences, for missing cell coverage, for missing cell receipt or missing login in the net. For losses of the satellite (e.g. technical loss, war actions etc.) the rental person can take over expressly no guarantee. The rental person does not take over adhesion in use of strange SIM cards.

Obligations and adhesion of the tenant

For the abandonment of the rented objects a deposit as agreed in the rental agreement is to be carried out. The deposit can be carried out in bar, by transfer on the indicated account of the rental person or by authorization to the introduction of demands by debits. The dispatch or the delivery of the rented objects takes place only after receipt the deposit at the rental person. After return of the rented objects and after all outstanding invoices are settled the deposit refunds back from the rental person.

It is tenant funeral to immediately examine all rented objects with assumption for completeness and operability and inform the rental person within 24 hours over missing devices or parts or about lack. Otherwise all rented objects are valid with the assumption that they were completely and error free taken over. While later arising lack the tenant has to inform the rental person as soon as possible by telephone, in order to give the rental person the opportunity for the recovery of such lack. Possible requirements from additional lack are recognized only if they are communicated in writing upon return to the rental person.

A warranty of the rental person exists only, if the tenant followed these duties.

The tenant takes over and uses the rented objects on own risk. The tenant is responsible opposite the rental person for all damage to the rented objects and for their loss starting from the assumption up to the back entrance at the rental person. The tenant has the rented objects in its possession during the rental time and is responsible for all costs developing from it.

The tenant is obligated to treat the rented objects carefully and in accordance with the manufacturer guidance, use and maintain it only for purposes for which they are suitable, not to remove, to change or to mark parts, no work out on the rented objects by third persons without consent of the rental person and not letting or lend they to third. The tenant commits itself in particular, to protect the rented objects before water, dust, heat and vibrations.

At expiration or premature notice of the rental agreement the tenant is obligated to return the rented objects immediately together with accessories in a suitable transportation packing to the rental person. During the return the tenant is responsible for possible loss or damage of the rented objects and/or their accessories. The tenant bears the cost of the dispatch of the rented objects to the rental person. During return of the rented objects from non-European Union countries is possibly a customs handling necessary. All thereby arising costs as well as a representational allowance at a value of 50,00 € are charged for to the tenant.

In the case of loss of the rented objects or the accessories the tenant has to pay replacement at height of the current replacement prices. For rented objects or accessories, which can no longer referred as new equipment over the trade, the prices for the case of loss are indicated in the rental agreement. The tenant is obligates to inform the rental person as soon as possible about the loss of a rented object.

In the case of loss of SIM card(s) beside the SIM card(s) actually also the reloaded units/minutes loaded with distribution to the tenant and/or during the rental time are to be paid to the unit/minute price agreed upon in the rental agreement to the rental person.

Repair costs of damages developed at the rented objects during the rental time or at the back dispatch, are charged for to the tenant. The tenant does not stick for undeservedly entered technical lack to the rented objects. If these technical lacks appear before end of the rental time and thus the rented objects are substantially impaired in its function, the tenant has requirement on proportionate reimbursement of the rent for the appropriate period of the unuseability.

The tenant is obligated to the payment of the rent agreed upon in the rental agreement for the duration of the rental time. Date of payment is in each case 10 days after beginning of the rental time. The tenant comes into delay, if he does not pay on a reminder, which takes place after entrance of the maturity of the invoice. The interest amounts on 4% additionally the basic set of the European central bank starting from the time of the first reminder. If the deposit was carried out in bar or by transfer, the rent and possibly resulted connecting costs can be charged in mutual arrangement with the deposit.

By punctual arrangement with the rental person it is possible to extend the rental time. In the case of extension of the rental time the rent for this period is charged proportionately according to standard price for those in each case second week indicated on the Internet site As renting time extension independently of reasons also the late return of the rented objects is considered.

A cancellation exempt from charges is possible by the tenant until 14 days before beginning of rental time. Resign the tenant less than 14 days before beginning of the rental time from the rental agreement, then is charged a cancellation fee at height of a week rent of the rented objects. For this the standard prices for those in each case second week at the time of conclusion of the rental agreement are valid, indicated on the Internet site

The tenant commits itself to inform themselves about import and use regulations of the rented objects in his countries of destination and consider these. The consequences of an abusive use (e.g. seizure of the equipment) carries excluding the tenant.

Place of jurisdiction

If the letting takes place to full buyers, legal entities of the public right or public special estates or to a tenant, who does not have a general area of jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany, the parties for all disputes from the letting, also change and cheque complaints agree upon, Germany as area of jurisdiction. The same is valid, if the tenant takes its domicile or usual place of residence abroad after contract conclusion or its domicile or usual place of residence is unknown at the time to the complaint collection.

The right of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid.

Severability clause

If individual points of this general terms and conditions should be invalid, then the remaining conditions remain untouched by it.