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Rental conditions

Rental conditions

You get a device ready for use with complete accessories as indicated.

Our rental equipment always have enough credit or comes with a postpaid SIM. You must not pre-buy any credit. After the return you pay in addition to the rental cost, only the minutes that you have used. Unused credit will of course not be billed, promised.

The rental period starts on the day on which you want the rental equipment available. Is this not a weekday (Monday-Friday), so the working day before is the first day of rental. We ensure that you get the rental equipment in good time beforehand. The days for the shipment to the tenant does not belong to the rental time.

The rental time ends when we get back the equipment.


Rent to customers from Switzerland

There is a customs handling by the shipping provider. For this are charges of about 20 Euro. These are billed directly to the customer via the shipping provider. Due to the increased processing time for export of the items we additionally charge a fee of 40 Euro – independently of the rental time.

Our invoice is billed without German VAT. The Swiss VAT is charged to the customer via the shipping provider.


Return from Switzerland
Return from non-EU countries

In order to avoid the cost of customs clearance, please enclose a pro forma invoice. These can be generated here: Pro forma invoice