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Data communication

Data communication

Data transmission to remote areas in journalism, system monitoring, research and exploration of new materials and energy resources. The main criteria here are data rate, data volume per transfer, data volume and the maintenance of stationary or mobile solutions.


Amount of data in MB area, data rate up to 650 kbit/s

Typical applications include Internet access, transmission and streaming of images and movies. There are mobile terminal solutions on land and maritime systems for fixed installations on board for your choice. Mobile land terminals can be upgraded for permanent fixed installation. On land systems prividing prepaid and postpaid subscriptions, at sea are offered solely postpaid subscriptions . Decisive for the contract costs are the expected amount of data during the contract period and the selection of appropriate tariff plans.


Data transfer up to ~ 100 kbytes, data rate 2.4 kbit/s to 60 kbit/s

Data transmission via satellite phone
Data can be transferred basically via satellite telephones too. However the services are depending on the various systems strong limitations.
Though the indicated data rates represent the maximum value under optimal conditions, which also includes the “overhead” data for transmission. In general, the phone must be installed as a modem. The reqiured operating systems must be observed.

Thuraya provides 60 kbit/s download and 15 kbit/s upload rates. Thus one can certainly brows on the Internet and check you email account, if you feel comfortable with limited  amount of data and accept reduced speed.
Win XP, 7, 8, 8.1 (Test with 10 positive, no guarantee on the part of Thuraya)
Mac OS (no guarantee on the part of Thuraya, the driver is supplied by Apple)
Mac iOS, Android (Thuraya SatSleeve, app for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets)

Iridium and Inmarsat IsatPhone offer only 2.4 kbit/s. This extremely small data rate no browsing is possible on the Internet. However, with special email and weather (GRIB) software compressed data can be sent and received.


Data transfer up to ~ 50 Kbytes per month, data rate ~ 100 bytes / sec

Iridium provides the SBD-service (Short Burst Data) a good service for small amount of data as you typically incurred in stations or monitoring equipment.
A record can contain a maximum of 1960 bytes. There are tariff plans with a free volume between 0 and 30 KByte / month, the service will be charged in bytes and is absolutely available globally.