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Emergency communication

Emergency communication

Satellite communications provides emergency solutions when fixed and mobile networks fail.


The basic equipment for voice communications in control centers and mobile units are satellite phones of Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya satellite networks. While operating satellite phones in buildings, the problem of signal reception exists for both systems, running on orbiting (Iridium) and geostationary (Inmarsat, Thuraya) satellites.

Operating in buildings

To solve this issue you use special fixtures (docker) for mobile satellite phones in conjunction with external antennas. The external antenna is connected to the docker via specific RF cables. The cable length is limited to about 100 m depending on the sytem’s preceding max. attenuation to keep the cable thickness in deployable range . This limitation can be avoided by telephone systems compatible (PBX-enabled) dockers. Docker and satellite phone shall be installed at the next possible assembly point for external antenna and existing telephone system. Incoming and outgoing satellite calls can then be routed to and accepted by each home appliance.

Operation in vehicles

Operation in vehicles requires special dockers providing e.g. hands free communication, noise reduction etc.

Battery care

As for other emergency equipment required you should care for operational capability of batteries in satellite phones.
Chargers with specially electronics controll for loading and storage ensure optimal state of charge and commitment over several years. However, the durability of in such well-kept and stored batteries is limited. Regular battery tests are essential and show need of battery replacement, according to our experience at least 4-5 years.


There are solutions allowing data communication with up to 650 kbit/s and thus also support VoIP solutions. These so-called BGAN satellite terminals support basically analog and partly ISDN voice connections incl. PBX. A universal communication solution at times of increasing digitization of information and its transfer. Of course there are inhouse solutions too, however which subject to cable length issues like operating phones as described above.

SIM cards

For operating emergency systems we recommend postpaid subscription which providing the advantage of constant availability. Prepaid may be used as well, but it should be mentioned that in emergency case Credit has to be ordered and uploaded in a short time. In addition, the validity of prepaid credit is usually limited.

Our summary: Prepaid means a high administrative burden to obtain the same operational reliability as by postpaid subscriptions and is therefore only partly recommended for an equipment of few devices.

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