m-cramer Satellitenservices


Travelers usually only need a short period of time a satellite phone or a mobile device for Internet and email. We can offer the full range of satellite phones and some satellite terminals, so you have depending on your destination always the best solution for your requirements.

We supply all Iridium phones with postpaid SIM cards, so you can make calls as much as you want if necessary. After return of the rental phones you get an itemized bill and only used minutes are billed. Our Inmarsat and Thuraya phones are supplied with prepaid SIM cards. You get the SIM card already charged with minutes, you do not have to buy in advance the credit. We automatically receive alerts if the balance on a SIM card drops below a certain level and automatically recharge additional units – again this ensures that you do not end up with an empty SIM Card.

Iridium satellite phones offers a real global coverage, the strength of iridium is absolutely at high latitudes. In the equatorial areas on land the voice quality or network stability is sometimes a bit exhausting.

Thuraya satellite phones are very small and easy to handle and are ideal when weight and size is important for your trip.

Inmarsat satellite phones are bigger but have a very good voice quality, great phone for Africa, Australia, Central America, here the satellite is central over the equator over Africa, Middle America and Malaysia, so that’s where you have the best possible connection.

Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminals are the perfect devices if you need besoide the option for voice calls also an option for fast Internet and email access.